Launch DDoS that works

Hello to each member of digital resistance!

Anyone can use this opensource solution to slow down russian IT infrastructure answering the war they started in Ukraine.

This way of activity is available to anyone. And still, it’s effective and will make russians go out of their comfort bubble to face the truth and take responsibility for the war.

Available platforms:

  • Windows binary
  • macOS binary
  • Linux binary and systemd script
  • Docker container
  • Helm chart for Kubernetes

Quick start

For anyone

Open this link in your browser and you automatically connect to DDoS attacks on russian resources. You cannot choose a site in this mode.

For console-acquainted users

  1. Download the latest release matching your machine architecture and OS from a releases page.
  1. Open your terminal (Terminal for MacOS, CMD or PowerShell for Windows)
  1. Type command cd <where your file was saved> (like cd Downloads) in your terminal to go to the folder where you saved the executable
  1. Run ./mg or .\mg.exe depending on your platform.

For geeks